Plus Night Out…Fashion’s night Out..NYC..Style

Ready for Plus Night out, 2012


I waited for everyone to write-up their recap of Plus Night Out on fashion’s night out. I loved everything single review. But I did not want to sound repetitive so I wanted to give it to you from an ‘Insiders’ review.

Catwalk, Plus Night Out 2012

What most don’t talk about is how detailed this event was, so very well thought out. I loved the idea of vendors having the opportunity of speaking with the consumers buying their products. They got the chance to find out what the good and the bad was and of course it was all good


I saw the support system within the industry. I was there with Divabetic my second project with them, and plenty more to come. Look out for that press release soon.

Red Carpet at Plus Night Out 2012

On another note I saw the lovely Gwen Devoe/DIVA there. She is one of the busiest if not THE busiest business woman in the plus size industry yet she made that time to celebrate the brand behind Plus Night Out. I saw models, consumers, designers, vendors and other amazing people come together in a very delicious SOUP of Unity within and for the Plus Size Industry.

My special guests that night were the famous new Hip-Hop artist Nick/Global & DJ Wave of Wave Gang, look for me in several of their music videos!

Nick/Global, ME, & DJ Wave of Wave Gang my special guests

I was also representing for Just As Beautiful magazine, it was one of the items given out in the ‘Goodie Bag’..and of course I happen to be in this issue about an article I wrote on Self-Love.

Just As Beautiful Print Magazine for curvy women in the UK

Events like this keep our curvy souls fed, content and growing.

I plan on being there again next year and I want my brand ‘Curvaciously Yours’ more involved. I want to be one of their sponsors!


Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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