Delaware ‘Roadtrip’ to celebrate my BFF’s birthday!!


Family means everything to me. And today is a special day. We celebrate the birthday of my best-friend and brother Kenny Reinet. He is my brother from another mother and we have been close since the age of 14! We headed out to his mansion or like I like to call it ‘MTV Cribs’ house in Delaware.

Image                                                                           The Mansion

It was a small gathering for four days but it was filled with homemade baked good early in the morning and delicious home cooked dinners with wine and cocktails..Spanish music and looking at old pictures. Delaware was such a soothing place to be. I enjoyed some much R & R and sleeping late and waking up late!


We are so worked up with work that we tend to set back our down-time and our time with Family. This ‘Roadtrip’ reminded me of just that. Let’s never lose focus of the importance of those we love and celebrating them on a daily basis. We don’t need an excuse like a ‘birthday’ party to make us stop and listen.

Feeling so sexy after losing 54 pounds..


I cannot wait for his next birthday!

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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