Jersey City Fashion WEEK, Me & my celebrity new friend Natti Natasha…

Jersey City Fashion Week came at me within 48 hours. I got a call from Farrah Deeba creater of the famous England clothesline called ‘Boa-Ba’. She is well known and has received over 22 fashion awards. She couldn’t not make it to New Jersey, so she asked me to represent her brand. I of course […]

My Big crush on ‘Pretty Ricky’, Model, Actor, Singer, Designer, Dancer, & Dream Guy!

Our first Night..already BFF’s I met him for the first time last month at a Butch Diva & Omar Alexandor fashion show/party. But it wasn’t the first time I had seen him. There were several times I was at a show or a party and he was there. He is always with hot women & men […]

Being MY biggest FAN…

I love this picture of me..the inner Diva in me just needs to start the celebration. I am so happy I shot with Model Mission Collective and this is one of the images. I got so many good ones and different looks. I highly recommend them for your ‘Diva’ needs. But I wanted to get […]

Plus Model Magazine & MYNT 1792 Bloggers Conference in NYC!

I was attempting to take a well needed nap when I get my phone sounding off to an email notification. It was the invite to Plus Model Magazine & MYNT 1792 Bloggers conference. I was soooo, excited it was my first time attending! I love the blogger events because it gives us a chance to […]

Butch Diva & Omar Alexander bring ‘Extraterrestrial’ on the ‘Rooftop’ of the Thompson!

                        Adrian & Olga @ Rooftop of Thompson Hotel, NYC “Extraterrestrial” brought the fashion roof down off the sexy Thompson Hotel tonight in New York City. It was fashion at its most serious taken. First the celebrity count was heavy. It was colorful, smooth, slinky […]