‘Red Hook Summer’ a Spike Lee film ‘Premiere’ Party with Spike Lee!

On Monday the 6th of August, my sweet little blog ‘Curvaciously Yours’ got the very private invite to attend the movie premiere party of the newest Spike Lee film, ‘ Red Hook Summer’. I got the chance to meet Mr. Spike Lee himself and his lovely family.

The CAST of this film was brilliant & so easy-going. I really enjoyed this movie. The entire vibe from start to finish. As all of Spike Lee films it was touching, made me think and wonder often while the movie played. And at several points in the movie, I became a character or two in the film. But that is what a Spike Lee film does to you. Highly recommend it and I plan to see it again..great twist towards the end…blew my mind and the entire audience!

I got the chance to meet the champion ‘Lady’ of boxing, Laila Ali. She was stunning. Took a few pics with some ‘A’ listers like Ms. Gayle King, yes ‘Oprah’s best-friend. It was a magical night for me. It isnt’ often i get to meet, greet and chat with people I have looked up too from afar or from my television.

Big shout out as usual to the agency with the max, 135 St Agency, they are the ones that deliver ‘Star’ service to all of these HOT celebrities..in the entertainment world!

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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