Curvaciously Yours invited to the most fun blogging party yet, by Stiletto Media!


Stiletto Media ‘blogger’ event party..Review.

Location: Pio Pio Restuarant  Manhattan     * * * * *

Food: Delicious * * * * *

Drinks: ‘Sangria’ house special * * * * *

Party Favors: The best ‘lolipop’ cookie I ever had! * * * * *

Crowd Energy: Super HIGH..loved everyone and their brands. * * * * *

Success in Networking: Complete..Success!! * * * * *

I had so much fun with my fellow Latina bloggers. It was my first time meeting with Stiletto Media and their team. I am so impressed with this brand. Stiletto Media was the ‘Star’ of the night. Everyone showed up to support them and I was so grateful for this new friendship.


I ran into so many familar faces one of them my dear ‘Moni’ as I like to call her or, ‘Delicious’ don’t ask its an inside joke, but she is the famous Monique F. CEO of the two famous blogs ‘Curves & Chaos’ & ‘Blogs by Latinas’.

I landed a new client and also a project with Stiletto Media.


Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos


  1. Delicious here! xoxo LOL…it was so amazing seeing you!!

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