Having ‘Thick’ skin and Loving it!!


They say in the Entertainment business you need to have ‘Thick’ skin. Due to the fact that society, critics and just about everyone on the planet will come at you at any given time and you have to deal with it. The nasty comments must just ROLL off your skin and you got to keep it moving. I for one agree to the fullest.

But the ‘Thick’ skin that I speak of in this blog is my full-figured body. I am happy in my skin. Would I like to be healthier yes…and I am all for reaching my goal of losing my Diabetes and if I can lose over 50 pounds this will happen for me. Yes, yes and yes.

This is the only body I will ever have and it has been with me since birth. How am I not going to love it or not care for it? We as women need to find our best features and make them work extra hard for us to compensate in the areas that we WERE NOT blessed with. This area for me is my (boobs). They are small compared to the rest of me. But trust me I work with what I have. I was blessed or cursed..lol.. with a ‘3D’ JLO booty and those in the industry that know me (personally) have seen it. Colombian women are known for being very curvy and having ‘big’ butts! LOL.

Anyways, I do not care if you have three legs, four breasts and two mouths, love yourself, accept that you are unique and move forward with your head held high. You will never get everyone to like you or approve, and neither will I. But who cares?? Maintain yourself happy at all times, your loved ones and your closest friends.

When you have found that so-called ‘Forbidden’ love about yourself for yourself it is a rewarding feeling. It will get you through to some rough patches life might throw your way. Be your very own best friend and be there for YOU!

I sign off and share this collage of me showing my big gut and the not so perfect breasts I was given. But I am rocking my stuff anyways!!

Curvaciuosly Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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