Latin Roots run Deep..

Proud Little Latina..

I am a proud Latina, so is my Mother, Grandma, etc. I have been a parent for 20 years now, and a Mother to a sweet little Latina girl for last 7 years, Raquel Celeste Ramos. She speaks and writes Spanish and it was by choice. I was planning on it myself but she beat me to it.

Raquel has a strong bond with my mother. Grandma watched her fav cartoons with her and Raquel would watch Grams favorite ‘Novelas’ (Spanish Soaps) with her. My little girl loves music and she can belt a Katie Perry song and dance a Salsa song from Victor Manuel and sing along to it too.

When I start cooking she runs to me and wants to help out, so I let her add this and that into the cooking pan. She is creative and caring. She is half Colomian and half Puerto Rican and she is the best of both worlds.

I see it in her smile, her walk, the tender way she speaks to her father and brothers. Raquel is 110% Latina and the world isn’t ready for her. She does not want to be PRESIDENT when she grows up or a Vet doctor. She wants to be the BEST Latina she can be.

When she sees Hispanic elderly folk she goes right into Spanish language, is as if she knows that many of them do not speak English. Her Latino roots are deep within her, it is something I proudly wanted to teach her but that somehow she has learned on her own and she even teaches me..

The future looks good for our next generation and my little girl is one to lead the way. She graduated with Honors and is heading to second grade, she has been in Honors since Kindergarden. Our culture is safe in the Ramos family.

Curvaciously Yours,
Olga Gonzalez-Ramos


  1. I love your last line: “Our culture is safe in the Ramos family.” My parents are both Mexican and I, like your beautiful Raquel, grew up with my grandmother. Maybe it’s the bond we form with the elderly that sparks the need to have that knowledge to communicate with them in a different language. I love speaking and writing Spanish and I love that I listen to all different types of Spanish music. My parents raised us with Spanish only and that was one of the best things they could have done for my sisters and me. I feel that knowing two languages counts for double my opinion, double my knowledge, and double everything of me and who I am. What a great post!
    My best wishes go out to your little one and to your family.

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