Photoshoot of the Year with Model Mission Collective & Joy Ashley…Update

OMG. Yes I did start my blog with that! I knew I was in for a treat but wow, I got spoiled the minute I arrived. This team of professionals, went through my port. Saw what I had, found out what I needed, she searched for fabrics & outfits that would look great on my […]

Model Mission Collective & Curvaciously Yours..’Photoshoot’ in Manhattan!

This Saturday I will be working with Model Mission Collective & signed beauty Plus Size Model, Joy Ashley. We connected over the amazing services & packages provided to aspiring models & signed models by MMC Photography Company. When I started modeling 11 years ago, I had to start from scratch. I had to do the […]

On Set with ‘Despierta America’ & Birbania Rios of Univision..

A few days ago I got the most amazing news from friend and curvy author Chamein, Canton. It seems Univision reached out for her asking to interview me. Chamein Canton was my very first client when I started this career almost 11 years ago. To my wonderful surprise one of the Executive Producers at Univision read my […]

Having ‘Thick’ skin and Loving it!!

They say in the Entertainment business you need to have ‘Thick’ skin. Due to the fact that society, critics and just about everyone on the planet will come at you at any given time and you have to deal with it. The nasty comments must just ROLL off your skin and you got to keep […]

The Great LOST of Argelio Marrero..AKA..Petey

Fourth of July was a day I had planned for weeks in advance. The kids being out of school, and the great hot weather and Raul controlling the ‘Grill’. I got a call from a dear friend of us both and when he said my name I heard sadness and pain in his voice and […]