Special private screening of Madagascar 3…Paramount/Dreamworkds..create Magic..

Madagascar 3

What a gorgeous way to start my Saturday to take my children to work with me. This time my job was to cover the private screening of the new hit of Paramount/Dreamworks Animation movie ‘Madagascar 3’. We were in for a real treat. It was in 3D and we were invited to the after party at Central Park Zoo. This special event was brought by 135 Street Agency from NYC. As usual celebrities came through to show their support and some even came with their families. It was great to meet these two powerhouse women who hosted the event Angela Yee of Power 105 & Mona Scott Young producer of ‘Love &  Hip Hop’.

Kids and I loved this movie and give it five stars or 25 stars! WE are watching it again. The after party at the Central Park Zoo was a huge hit and lunch was delicious. I want to thank the Central Park Zoo staff for being so much fun and so professional.

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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