Ricky Martin on the cover of Latina magazine & me featured inside!!



I am so excited not only am I featured on this month’s issue of Latina magazine for February but I am in the  magazine with Ricky Martin on the cover. Now you ALL know how much I LOVE Ricky.

It was a true blessing to have met the President of this magazine and made such an impact on her from our face to face that she featured me and shared my story with the world. I cannot begin to thank her enough. I landed so many jobs from this feature. Most importantly I am connected on a deeper level with my Latina girls and the Latino community.

Here is to be Latina and moving on to bigger and better things..


  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. Now I connect the picture in the Latina Magazine with you!!! Congrats… I knew I had seen that picture before but I couldn’t seem to remember where…

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