Lane Bryant ‘Bloggers’ event filled with style, beauty and hope for our CURVES!

OMG! My very first ever Lane Bryant Bloggers conference! I had such a great time. We thick girls wanted change , guess what we got that change. Ten years ago our voice really didn’t matter to the designers. Now here we are sharing lunch, incites and laughs with major brands for the curvy community. Top notch […]

Me..’Official’ blogger for club Bacchus featuring Salsa Prince Frankie Negron!! 5-21-2011

Bloggers are taking over the world! Period! Either you blog or someone you know is blogging. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to be the ‘Official Club Bacchus’ blogger. It is an honor among many especially when its a spot where greats like ‘ La India’, ‘Frankie Negron’ and the group […]

Late but great birthday cake….

This was the first year I ever celebrated my birthday almost two weeks later. The week before my birthday a great friend and co-worker Jeff passed away. He was heading home from work in his motorcycle, suffered a heart attack and crashed into death. The week of my birthday we lose our Beautiful Mia Amber […]

New hit video release party for Jaii carpet event!

  Hit new music video release party for ‘Everyone wants to be a STAR’..performed by Jaii Stylez.. Jaii Stylez is a catchy name and with such a talent behind that name it comes to no surprise. I had heard of him from a friend of a friend that he had ‘rocked’ it at the Apollo once. From there […]

A plus size woman celebrates ‘Earth Day’!

Happy Earth Day! Sound the sirens, and start la pachanga. Before I get too excited. I did some research and the more I looked for ‘Eco-friendly’ PLUS SIZE  fashion designers, the more it hit me that as plus size woman we are still getting ignored. I guess for me to celebrate this special dia de la […]