Pheiffer Syndrome never stopped my son Anthony Jude from graduating/honors!!


                                                                                                  Anthony Jude & Proud Mommy..

 Time flew and flew and never looked back. My beautiful miracle baby and first child my son Anthony Jude graduated today and heads to college in the fall. The ceremony was beautiful and he presented me with a red rose as his hero & mentor. Yes, I cried and silently wished my mother could see him. She raised him and worked so hard on him and with him.

He was born with Pheiffer Syndrome and the doctors told me he would never be normal. He would never read, understand or go to normal classes and he might be deaf. He could never play sports, etc.

                                   All his friends..he happens to be very popular and his pals and the girls call him ‘Big Papi’

But Anthony Jude not only has this illness he happens to look like me. All kids that have this look the same, but he looks like me and my father. I prayed on it and he has been a normal child all his life and now a grown man. He made honors all his life since first grade and got a scholarship to St. Peter’s College in New Jersey.

He is the 8th child in the world to have this less form of Pheiffer Syndrome and he has helped many doctors in the Albert Einstein Institute in NYC to study this illness through him.

                                                                     Raquel is a very proud sister..she loves her big brother!!

He is my best friend and we are so proud of him. I never gave up on him and this illness and year after year and doctor appointments we did it!!

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos



  1. felicidades! I really enjoyed reading your son’s story! God has great things planned for him, and your family! 🙂 What will he be studying in college?

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