FFFWeek Grand Finale, ends with a huge fashion bang and lovely award ceremony!

It was my first time at the Marriott Marqui in NYC. The event was the hottest thing out in Manhattan that night and those that missed it should just go crawl under a rock and call it quits. This was my first FFFWeek but it sure won’t be my last. I plan on supporting this event for years to come.

I was still feeling the whole ‘white’ outfit and went with the IGIGI diamond wedding dress from its collection. An oldie but a goodie. I wore it only once for my anniversary compliments of Yuli from IGIGI a few years ago. The dress just called to me and everyone loved it. I even had some bloggers use me as ‘The white dress of the night’ for their blogs..loving this.


                                                                        Me & the beautiful Meilee, finally we meet..love her

Hubby got sick that same day and wouldn’t let me stay home with him. He said the party must go on so I called my dear friend Adrian Lopez to the rescue. We had a great time.




                                                                            Daily Venus Diva Magazine gets best Lifestyle Magazine

                                                                                 Left to Right, Gwen, Stephanie, Valery, Olga, Cassy





SONSI was the best sponsor to date and I look forward to seeing more of them in our curvy lives. I was very impressed with all the designers..Ashley Stewart blew my mind, I was not ready for them and their comeback and of course Lane Bryant.

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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