FFFWeek continues with the ‘White on White’ yacht party..oh what a night!!!!!!

                                                           Me getting ready at the hotel and ready for that hot cruise on the yacht.

The most whispered and talked about yacht party was finally here. I decided to go with a pretty lace and crochet summer ivory dress that I found at a near by ‘Rainbow’ shop. I really love that store! I can always find something amazing there. I was so excited I had spent my entire day with my beautiful publisher/business partner and dear friend, Valery Amador. We arrived together and just loved all of the beautiful curvy dolls all dressed in white and the men looked so handsome.

                           Me with my publisher/business partner & dear Friend, Valery Amador

  I  finally met my agent & publicist Tina Sanchez and the Moxie crew, Rosie Mercado & Michelle Alexander.

                                                      Some fun at the SONSI photo booth with my beautiful Rosie and pals

Gwen as usual did her homework and just went for that straight A and the extra credit…and she got it. All of her events are always on point but she really went all out this time and her success level has reached an all time HIGH! When I grow up I want to be just like her~, love you, Diva! I know this may sound insane but once a year it’s too long, we need these FFFweek twice a year! Gwen, I am totally spoiled!

I hope all of you reading this can relate and have amazing stories to share about this event and those of you that missed it. Please oh please don’t ever let it happen again. This was a total sweet treat..and one that we all need. The events at FFFWeek are a must and we need them to cater to our curves, and our fab fashionista souls!

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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