Lane Bryant ‘Bloggers’ event filled with style, beauty and hope for our CURVES!

OMG! My very first ever Lane Bryant Bloggers conference! I had such a great time. We thick girls wanted change , guess what we got that change. Ten years ago our voice really didn’t matter to the designers. Now here we are sharing lunch, incites and laughs with major brands for the curvy community. Top notch is Lane Bryant with a 100 years in the business and a staff that is determined to cater to our every wish when it comes to our curvy fashions.

                                           New campaign ad..our girls look  beautiful!!

I wore my favorite designer IGIGI and my black lace dress. The compliments just kept coming. I loved how Lane Bryant spoiled us with amazing goodie bags, new jeans that haven’t hit the stores yet, fashion for our ‘eyes’ only and my Lane Bryant gift card! Not to mention lunch was delicious and dessert ay Dios mio!

I loved all the fashion that was in ‘our face’ at the conference, fall fashions were super hot and must have but I must admit what got my heart beating extra fast was the lingerie line and underclothes. I have a nice long wish list that I intend to get!

I am counting the days to Next years and I enjoyed spending time with all the bloggers and the entire staff of Lane Bryant that attended. Hope is a beautiful thing and emotion and Lane Bryant is keeping our hope alive and looking fab in their designs! 

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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