Pheiffer Syndrome never stopped my son Anthony Jude from graduating/honors!!

                                                                                                    Anthony Jude & Proud Mommy..  Time flew and flew and never looked back. My beautiful miracle baby and first child my son Anthony Jude graduated today and heads to college in the fall. The ceremony was beautiful and he presented me with a red rose as his hero & mentor. Yes, I cried […]

FFFWeek Grand Finale, ends with a huge fashion bang and lovely award ceremony!

It was my first time at the Marriott Marqui in NYC. The event was the hottest thing out in Manhattan that night and those that missed it should just go crawl under a rock and call it quits. This was my first FFFWeek but it sure won’t be my last. I plan on supporting this event […]

FFFWeek continues with the ‘White on White’ yacht party..oh what a night!!!!!!

                                                           Me getting ready at the hotel and ready for that hot cruise on the yacht. The most whispered and talked about yacht party was finally here. I decided to go with a pretty lace and crochet summer ivory dress that I found at a near by ‘Rainbow’ shop. I really love that store! I […]

Lane Bryant ‘Bloggers’ event filled with style, beauty and hope for our CURVES!

OMG! My very first ever Lane Bryant Bloggers conference! I had such a great time. We thick girls wanted change , guess what we got that change. Ten years ago our voice really didn’t matter to the designers. Now here we are sharing lunch, incites and laughs with major brands for the curvy community. Top notch […]