Me..’Official’ blogger for club Bacchus featuring Salsa Prince Frankie Negron!! 5-21-2011

Bloggers are taking over the world! Period! Either you blog or someone you know is blogging. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to be the ‘Official Club Bacchus’ blogger. It is an honor among many especially when its a spot where greats like ‘ La India’, ‘Frankie Negron’ and the group ‘Lime’ have come to perform.

                                                            FRANKIE NEGRON @CLUB BACCHUS

This Saturday the crowd was full of energy and that fast pitter patter that only Frankie Negron can bring to the hearts of his fans and those that know and feel his music. He performed five songs and what a vibe this man gives off. You are for sure getting your money’s worth and then some. I arrived early, checked in with Angel (manager) and man of the hour, had my VIP table ready and just let the place get packed. I got to interview some of his fans and they simply adore this man and his music.

                      FRANKIE & ADORING FAN..

Before he went on stage I had the pleasure of being invited into the famous ‘Blue’ room which he was in and we talked. Ladies…first of all he is more beautiful than any video or image you have ever seen. His personality is top of the class, humble and beautiful smile made this interview seem like two great friends just catching up on some good old times.

It has been two years since his last album and thank goodness the wait is now over. His new album is in the works and his tour begins this summer. We can expect everything & anything from this artist. He knows how to spoil his fans, and he is delivering once again. We shared some laughs and I am actually going to be attending all and any events he has throughout NYC & NJ compliments of his top-notch manager Jimmy Greco, President/CEO of Airogomusic.  This is the new record label that Frankie just signed with. Due to a bad sunburn I got on my face I am not posting the pics of me and Frankie. LOL. But I will be seeing him soon so pics are on the way.

Frankie even gave me a birthday shout out on stage, that night just could not have been better.

Be on the look out for more concerts and don’t you dare miss it.

Images provided by & Club Bacchus

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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