Late but great birthday cake….

This was the first year I ever celebrated my birthday almost two weeks later. The week before my birthday a great friend and co-worker Jeff passed away. He was heading home from work in his motorcycle, suffered a heart attack and crashed into death. The week of my birthday we lose our Beautiful Mia Amber Davis. I swear I was beyond myself. Not to mention that on this same month is the birthday of my father May 4th and two days later his 11th year Anniversary in heaven.

Let’s just say I wasn’t really feeling my 39th birthday. Ever since losing my daddy it has never been the same again. I was determined not to celebrate it at all but my loving friends wouldn’t have it.

I had a great bash at The Goodlife in Union City, New Jersey. That was my hometown and it was amazing to see so many of my great and old friends. I had a special time and it was okay to smile and enjoy. I put some closure on all of the sadness and pain from these last couple of weeks.           

                                                                                                 Mia Amber Davis our Beautiful Modeling Doll..

Those that know me, see a very happy and strong Olga. Which for the most part it is true. But what most don’t know is that I don’t do well with death and goodbyes that become permanent. It sucks the life out of me and I go through it for real. I am now getting ready to do a tribute to Mia. I let everyone do theirs and I just remained in the background, finding strength and preparing for my last goodbye to her.

I tell you my friends live your life for YOU, to the fullest because tomorrow is still very far away and we don’t know if we will see that new day.

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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