New hit video release party for Jaii carpet event!


Hit new music video release party for ‘Everyone wants to be a STAR’..performed by Jaii Stylez..

Jaii Stylez is a catchy name and with such a talent behind that name it comes to no surprise. I had heard of him from a friend of a friend that he had ‘rocked’ it at the Apollo once. From there and him touring with A-listers his fame began.

The red carpet event was at the ‘Polar Lounge’ in Manhattan, New York City. The crowd was filled with celebrities, beautiful models, and his adoring family & friends.

I had the pleasure of spending some serious time with him and he opened up to me real fast. He kept telling me that he knew me, he has seen me before and I wasn’t sure how or where but he convinced even me.  After a good 30 minutes he had invited me to be in his next music video. Now you know this BIG girl was so happy.

He treated me like family and I am proud to say I was the ‘only’ press that chilled  at his VIP table all night with my guests too! He will be performing in SOBs in the village and we got the special invite. Had a blast with his little brother Travis, miss ya papi.

To Jaii* You done started something pretty amazing now, there is no turning back. Keep it coming, this is all you always and I will always follow your voice.

I cannot tell you all enough how beautiful this young man sings. His voice is something fierce and it reminds me of special times in my life that no longer are but will always remain close to my heart. 

This interview was possible by Tanisha, publisher of Celebrityitis Magazine..Love ya boss.

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