A plus size woman celebrates ‘Earth Day’!

Happy Earth Day! Sound the sirens, and start la pachanga. Before I get too excited. I did some research and the more I looked for ‘Eco-friendly’ PLUS SIZE  fashion designers, the more it hit me that as plus size woman we are still getting ignored. I guess for me to celebrate this special dia de la Tierra or el planeta I need to work on a recycle agenda or plant a pear tree.


I did find this great store that is called GAIAM that caters to straight sizes but can indulge us up to a size XL. GAIAM is everyday natural and organic wardrobe essentials.  You can expect earth friendly fabrics like 100% organic cotton, bamboo , hemp & rayon from sustainable bamboo. I guess I can purchase items for my ‘flaka’ pals.

Maybe I can motivate some of my plus size designing friends to create ‘Eco-friendly’ outfits for us gorditas. My research project turned into three hours. So I guess I have to celebrate this day not as a plus size model/woman but as a Latina that loves gardening.

I have planted 17 rose bushes in my garden in the last six years. I want my little heaven on earth garden to calm my green thumb, and provide my family with all the veggies & herbs they can take. I wish more people would garden but it is time-consuming but so rewarding. This year my New Jersey garden will have 4 types of cherry tomatoes, green peppers, lettuce, carrots, strawberries and cucumbers! My neighbors love my creativity and mini ‘backyard’ market.

Earth Day is needed to give us all that wake up call that ‘Mother Nature’ needs her children to help her live and survive. I think we should have a ‘Earth Day’ every week or once a month to just keep us in track of getting this place a little more cleaner and healthier to live in.

Curvaciously Yours..

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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