Havana Central VIP Party & Latina Blogger Genius..Jessie Nuez

I am still reaping from the ‘Rewards’ of attending the NGLC. Speaking on the level of networking I have been asked to attend four amazing events and I will  be coming out in a HUGE women’s publication. That is all I am allowed to say at this time. I am looking forward to the next ‘Latino’ event and counting the days. Here are some images of the VIP of the NGLC at Havana Central in NYC.

As if I wasn’t busy enough my entire career has taken a 360 spin to it in the ‘Latina Blogging’ world and I love it. I am making the time to do more for my community and my children when I involve myself in these projects.I am also getting paid to do this.  The feeling inside my heart is breathtaking and fighting for a good cause is energy enough for me. Two trips have been confirmed for me in the L.A. area for blogging events, one in Vegas and two in NYC.

The support from my ‘Latina’ blogging sisters has left me shocked. They embrace me as if they have known me all my life and to them I am a ‘Star’, a mentor, and their love is grand. I am feeling their support on so many levels. Not to mention they are teaching me the ropes. This blogging business is no joke and plenty of hard work and expertise goes into it.

These images were possible because of the beautiful and geeky Jessie Nuez, one of NYC top bloggera also known as NY Metropolista and that is just one of her blogs. She is a columnist, natural-born geek who loves improving online business communications and has a real high IQ. Jessie is also a proud wife and mommy and her voice is well-known and respected in the Blogging community. You can follow her on twitter @Jessienuez

We connected right away and we are going to see each other real soon. Plans have been made, so excited. I feel like I just found out I have a little sister!

Signing off for some office work and then off to my 9-5! Let’s make something amazing happen today because you know what..we deserve it!!

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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