LATISM..UrbanoTV..Shrimp Empanadas & Mentoring Latinos in a penhouse suite!!!

Today we made history and I was a part of that accomplishment! I am still on hyper mode and my smile isn’t leaving anytime soon. I might just fall asleep with a smile on my face. But what proud Latina wouldn’t? This year’s LASTISM NYC ‘Tweet-up’ was another HUGE success. I am hooked and I will always attend all & any LATISM  functions. I feel as though I have been living under a darn rock! Where have I been while all of these influential Latino’s have been taking over the ‘Social Media’ world.

Raul and I having a romantic moment on the Penhouse roof

I was welcomed with warm smiles, hugs, and everyone knew me there. I was so happy about this because I am new to this ‘Latino blogger’s ‘ life. I have had my blog ‘Curvaciously Yours’ for less than two months and in this short time it is being known. Everyone knew each other there. The Hispanic community sticks together and it was so apparent at the LATISM.

Ben of Urbanotv & RachlWhite of Digital Latina

Our Latina ‘Queen’ of the hour AnaRC..founder of LATISM

To my surprise I was approached by a Ben of Urbanotv. I had no idea he was going to be there and that made my night. Ben has been working closely with me through UrbanoTV. It was nice to finally give him thanks for all of his work and dedication to me and Urbanotv.

All the famous Latino bloggers were at this event and I felt like doubt about that. The beautiful AnaRC founder of LATISM welcomed me with open arms and I felt like family. Her smile and support made me feel as if I have known her all my life. She knew me by my name and the first words out of her mouth was praise for me. She loves my work and my website and I am looking forward to seeing her again and working with her. She has my full support.

Catherine was there and she loved it. She got a chance to brush up on her Spanish, got asked to make a video and networked with the best of them. I enjoyed the support of Johnson & Johnson a brand that cares and is always there for us.

I got compliments after compliments and everyone enjoyed my 30 second pitch on Daily Venus Diva & Curvaciously Yours. I landed four new clients from this event and got 32 business cards to add to my growing collection. I took 25 of my own business cards and I was out halfway through the event.

The food was delicious especially the shrimp empanadas I need that recipe and while I was networking I kept losing track of my hubby. He was busy eating to his heart’s content by the food section. He had a great time and I am so grateful for his support. He was the only one out of so many that was there with me and not a blogger. We had an amazing time.

I stayed pretty late and would have stayed longer but tomorrow I work a double shift from 8:00 am until 12:00 midnight. I felt like princess today because it was pure magic. Many of the bloggers were curvy and they loved how I represented for the community.

Beauty comes in all sizes and that is my message as a woman and as a Latina woman..we are born with curves we get them from our ‘Abuelas’. I am proud of mine and all that I stand for. I really enjoyed the rooftop so breathtaking what a view.

Goodnight beautiful friends. I was blessed today again in so many ways.

Curvaciously Yours..

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos


  1. What a great post – I’m sorry I’m commenting so late…

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