Loving..Lane Bryant’s new Tops..and getting ready for my big night at LATISM event!

I should be doing that extra laundry I said I would and finishing up the last two articles that are so late..but I find myself doing some online shopping. I just got two more blogging event invites and I need to be ready to dazzle them away. LOL. I had no idea how fancy, unique and trendy the blogging world can be and not just from a blogger’s point of view. But from the brilliant people/bloggers I am meeting. I have discovered so many entertaining blogs and most of my reading is now done online. Who would have thought.

Speaking of online, Lane Bryant is having a sale on Tops & Shoes, buy one item get the other at half price. I fell in love with the crochet Waist Dolman top I have these nice black jeans that I have been saving to wear with just the right top. Well this is it, I found it. I love the print on it, the crochet adds a plus to it and I love the design all this goodness for $39.95!

Cannot wait to get it and I will post some images of me rocking my outfit! You can check them out at www.lanebryant.com and take advantage of the sale. I also think the sale is good in the stores.

Tonight I am wearing a sassy dress from ‘Torrid’ in a size 22! I guess the extra water I am drinking and the yoga has been paying off. I will tweet, blog and celebrate later on at the LATISM  tweet up. I will be attending with my beautiful husband, the gorgeous Catherine Schuller and my drop dead handsome stylist/designer Antonio Harris.

By the way I have prepated my 30 second presentation for the LATISM and I am so excited.

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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