OOTD..’Love at first sight’ black dress by IGIGI, rocked my meeting!


Well this is my first OOTD and it is created by IGIGI. Need I say more? I was saving this for an upcoming event but something told me to wear it today. Today I met with the lovely Miriam Santiago, Program Coordinator Special Events, Department of Neighborhood & Recreational and Cultural Affairs. We got the ‘Yes’ for my non-profit organization ‘Our Youth Now’ Founded by myself, Juan Silva and Juan Lazo. This is an amazing project we got for the community of Newark, New Jersey and it looks good. The entire staff at the meeting loved my dress. Look out for the Press Kit on my non-profit project and organization soon!!

Jillian and me she is the best assistant ever!

My meeting ended with Juan & Jillian my assistant enjoying a delicious lunch and now I head for my 9-5.

Special thanks to IGIGI for catering to the needs of this big girl and every other big girl in the world. Here is the dress ‘Love at first site dress’ and the belt is my own..had to throw a little ‘Olga’ up in the mix.. I wore today and its less than $200.00 its a huge bargain for such beauty www.IGIGI.com

Curvaciously Yours..

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos


  1. You look like you’ve lost some weight!!! LOL Lookin’ good though!!!

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