Shoot w/Mikey Rivera & Cat Schuller & excited about Latism ‘Tweet-up’ in NYC!!

Finally have my date set for Friday, April 29th with the famous and very talented Latino photographer Mikey Rivera of New Jersey. His work is hot and he has never shot plus and I love having that challenge. I strongly believe this is why I have not shot with ‘Plus Size Photographers’. I  guess I like bringing my curves to the straight size photographer. We are doing an entire day event and my beautiful friend & business partner Catherine Schuller will also be present. I worked today and came home to relax and started planning the details for this shoot. I was feeling very sexy with it and here is the pic to show this..

                                        Feeling ‘Sexy’ moment..

                                                                                                                                   Mikey’s work..

On April 7th, ‘Curvaciously Yours’ will be attending the LATISM ‘tweet-up’ and showing my Latina support in full effect.

This will be ‘Curvaciously Yours’ first LATISM project meet up. I cannot wait to meet all of the talented Latino bloggers. I am also thinking of attending the event in November with them.


Come join us for the first LATISM-NY Tweetup in 2011 – Here is why:

Topic: Using Social Media for Social Good

Enjoy a panel of experts who have success case studies on how they are using social media to amplify their philantrophic efforts.

Come with your 30 second pitch ready! you will have an opportunity to introduce your cause, business, blog, website, service to the group. And the group will pay it forward by Re-tweeting it to the world!

You must be here to join the many contests which include:

Full Tickets to BlogWorld ’11

2 iPad2

3 Flips

Bring a donation for the LATISM Sustainable Development Project.  We are taking:

  • School supplies
  • Used laptops
  • Used digital cameras, flips
  • Toys

This Tweetup is being sponsord by Johnson & Johnson

Curvaciously Yours..

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos


  1. And lookin’ sexy too!!!!!

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