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What a great way to start my morning. I open up the newsletter email from UrbanoTV and I see in the teaser promo, ‘Curvy Life’ and I was all excited to read on that and to my lovely suprise it was my blog..’Curvaciously Yours they were speaking about!

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Featured on UrbanoTV
Do You Want to be Featured in an Upcoming UrbanoTV Newsletter?
What’s your name?
Teresa Garza
Where you at?
Los Angeles, CA
Why should people check out your channel or blog?
Because it is cool !! My blog is called I write about movies, movies, movies and movies. (Reviews, synopsis, interviews, etc). It is also kind of vlogging so I have cool video too !!
If you had to pick one video or post for people to see, what would it be?
Ranking movies is a very subjective undertaking. So I prefer people to explore and choose what they like the most.
What can we expect next from you?
The same as I am expecting from you. Life is a learning process.
Favorite John Leguizamo movie or role?
Righteous Kill

Where to find Checa LA Movie:

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John Leguizamo on Music Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos
John Leguizamo on Music (Video Pick) Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos (Video Pick) John Leguizamo on the importance of music in his shows.                  Great recipe for the grill.  Mmmmm. David Spates
La Bruja (Channel) David Spates (Channel)
See what this Latina Urbana and Brujita is Bruing with         David Spates is a funny guy.  Help get his movies made!!!
her music, poetry, theatrical characters and more.
Curvaciously Yours Tu Vez Curvaciously Your (Blog) (Blog)
Celebrity gordita/plus size model, actress, journalist, and           Videos, Girls, Games and Gadgets.  All a guy needs.

more, Olga Ramos’ blogs on her curvy life.

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Checa LA Movie Checa LA Movie

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