Gardening, Fariso Jordon, & meetings all day in NYC!

Today is gorgeous out! Yesterday after the crazy hail, snow, rain, and lighting night before I was happy to see the sun. The sun brings out my babies, the babies in my garden that is. So out I went with my Garden hat. Check out these images of me playing with my garden hat…pics taken with my cell

                                                                      My lips are getting bigger..not sure how..

                                                            I must get a summer home in the country one day

                                                                                          My favorite one

My day lilies are all coming up by the loads, and I replanted my Dahlias, Rose bushes looking good and started my veggie garden will post pictures soon.

The weekend is here and what better way to celebrate if you are from NYC or in the tri state area than to watch the beautiful and brilliant Fariso Jordon..and her one woman play…………………….

The word is OUT and all she is getting is energy filled positive review from everyone that watches this play. I don’t plan on missing this so me and the hubby are making a date out of this one. Fariso is not just a talented actress & playwright. She is hard-working, dedicated and a dear friend of mine. Her smile is genuine and her art is rare but unique. She just doesn’t perform she gives life to words and takes you on a Fariso Jordon adventure. I support her talent, goals and should you.

More on her play..

Here is a list of showtimes

March 26, 2011:
March 27, 2011:
March 28, 2011:

Catherine Schuller

Today I will be enjoying a delicious lunch with the beautiful size model Queen…my dear friend Catherine Schuller. Looking forward to seeing her again it has been a minute or so. Most of all her energy is insanely addictive and nothing but positive events fall into your life when you are in her presence. We have some great projects lined up and the most trailblazing one will be her new ‘book’ will make history in the curvy movement. Let me get off this laptop, search my closet for a cute outfit and be gone.

Last but not least..I am doing some shopping today, yay payday with my personal Stylist & Designer, Mr. Antonia Harris..compliments of the lovely and curvy sister of mine Dhylles!!

Curvaciously Yours..

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos


  1. Don’t you look FABULOUS!!!!!!

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