Old School advice comes best from a Latina…

It could be that our culture is a very ‘outspoken’ one but we Spanish girls can give the best advice and once we open our mouths either to scream to get the proper attention or respect everyone listens.

This past Saturday on the 19th I was a guest to a seminar brought to us by Dhylles Waight-Davis of Katwalk Katerers on dealing with ‘Depression’ & how to self evolve to a better life. It was a real treat and honor to sit in a room with women that have been through it ‘All’ and are now successful business women that are helping other women come out of the dark.

The message was there to be delivered and so many guests were getting the help they came for. I felt so powerful to be there, smiling and supporting these women with a hug and my new friendship. As women we have all the proper tools to connect and help each other out. There is room for honor, respect and true sisterhood. Not everyone is on that ‘hateration’ band wagon. At least not anyone in my circle of friends.

                                                       Certified Coach/Luisa Otero

Luisa Otero was the speaker that held the room with her powerful words. She is a certified Life Coach and has her own advice column and founder of the ‘No Nonsense Couching’.

We spoke of new projects involving us all and we grew as Latina women because we are going to head a series of ‘Self-Love’ workshops to heal the broken for this coming summer.

Curvaciously Yours..

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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