Won my first contest as a ‘Latina blogger’….

I did it! The announcement was made by the Founder of Latina Bloggers Connect herself, Ana L. Flores a multi-blogger in her own right. She has been blogging for a hot minute and she has made it into an art of pure communication and most of all culture. As a Latina woman I am very honored to have met her and now call myself her friend.

Ana L. Flores…

She has been sharing her voice through many blogs and each one becomes a HIT overnight. Coincedense? I think not. She is brilliant and dedicated and just puts her all into each project and each company she creates or brand.

I will be meeting her for the first time next month on April 11, at the NGLC. I cannot wait. The other winner of the contest was Angelica Perez of the new and creative blog that is quite addictive if I may so, myself www.newlatina.com

                                                                       Angelica Perez

I have found a whole new world of Latina hermanas working to make this a better and more successful place for our generation and our children. The rewards from this new friendship and title of ‘Latina blogger’ has welcomed me with open arms and I my vision is longevity and complete success.

On another note today I created my first video/tvchannel for my new project for www.Urbanotv.com and the reviews are in and are great. I did get one comment by a dear friend of mine who loves my smile and just likes to see me smiling commenting about me not smiling. I am reading a ‘Dear Olga’ letter from a reader and my advice and words are coming out. It just wasn’t a ‘Smile’ type of response. I am not a ‘Cheeser’ so I don’t smile often it doesn’t make or break me. LOL. I guess my smile from time to time will make ‘Cameo’ appearances.

Here is the video..enjoy and you all can decide..http://www.urbanotv.com/videos/2125/Dear_Olga/Column_Daily_Venus_Diva_Magazine

Curvaciously Yours….


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