Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have decided to support this amazing NGLC Latino Conference..win the contest or not! Events like this don’t happen all the time or over night. My support is needed here and I am using my voice to show this support.

This is a huge chance for anyone Latino or not to be in the same room with the most successful and well known Latino networking professionals. This event is not giving you 3-4 panelist or speakers you are getting over 20+ and counting.


   David Chitel, Founder & Chairman

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the leader of this Latino movement, David Chitel. He is a true mentor and an inspiration to all Latinos. I will be writing an exclusive interview on him for Daily Venus Diva Magazine & Parle Magazine.

We also spoke about a special project and more on that after our next meeting.

I got off the phone with my lovely agent Tina and we are talking about my outfit for this event. My family is proud and excited for me. I have wanted for the longest time to get more involved with my Latino community and here is the outlet I was looking for.

On another note spoke to my beautiful and talented friend Juliette Fairley. It seems she has gone from hit broadway shows to ‘Hollywood’, and I don’t mean movie. I mean movies..she is filming two movies this early May. Well enough of this..I can’t blog about everything. I am leaving the hot details for her exclusive with me.

Take care my beautiful people and each and everyday is a source for us to use. How we use it depends on us as individuals. Let’s use it to better ourselves.

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