Upcoming big shoots for me…

This New Year is starting up pretty amazing for me. I have a big line up of seven shoots within the next 6 months. I start the line up with the talented Ashley Ervin of http://www.photocentricphotography.com/ this is her work

And the hot to trot Latina photographer Michelle Alexandra from Moxie Management at http://www.michellealexandraphoto.com/

I am working on the very first ‘Olga’ calendar, a new clothes line campaign and three other projects and I am not aloud to discuss. LoL. Loving that many clients want to use me as their ‘larger’ plus model and are catering to those clients that wear 18+. I don’t like change and love using the same photographers over and over again but change is always a good thing so very thrilled to start preparing for my shoots.

Most excited about my trip to L.A. with my Moxie group. Leaving you all with some in site on things. Life is what you make of it or create in it. Your dreams aren’t going to magically land on your lap the way a cat would. Start making the things you want top priority and work your butt off until they become part of your everyday life and not just a sweet five minute day-dream while the D train takes you from 33 St. to Columbus Circle!!

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