Curvaciously Yours makes headlines with UrbanoTV & more..

What a great way to start my morning. I open up the newsletter email from UrbanoTV and I see in the teaser promo, ‘Curvy Life’ and I was all excited to read on that and to my lovely suprise it was my blog..’Curvaciously Yours they were speaking about!   Featured on UrbanoTV Do You Want […]

Gardening, Fariso Jordon, & meetings all day in NYC!

Today is gorgeous out! Yesterday after the crazy hail, snow, rain, and lighting night before I was happy to see the sun. The sun brings out my babies, the babies in my garden that is. So out I went with my Garden hat. Check out these images of me playing with my garden hat…pics taken […]

Old School advice comes best from a Latina…

It could be that our culture is a very ‘outspoken’ one but we Spanish girls can give the best advice and once we open our mouths either to scream to get the proper attention or respect everyone listens. This past Saturday on the 19th I was a guest to a seminar brought to us by Dhylles Waight-Davis of Katwalk Katerers on […]

Won my first contest as a ‘Latina blogger’….

I did it! The announcement was made by the Founder of Latina Bloggers Connect herself, Ana L. Flores a multi-blogger in her own right. She has been blogging for a hot minute and she has made it into an art of pure communication and most of all culture. As a Latina woman I am very honored […]

Hello world!

Reunited with friends, HOT fashions and enjoying a beautiful night in NYC!! Me and my beautiful man..                                                                                      Me & beautiful friend I waited all week for this event and was very giddy on Saturday. I wasn’t sure what to wear so I went with a lovely jade off the shoulder blouse with roses […]