Road Trip from New Jersey to Florida

PicsArt_12-30-07.45.31.jpgBy: Anthony Cintron, #Sincity

The winters up North are getting stronger & worse than prior years. I decided to relocate to Santa Fe, California for 2019. I got a Family business established there with my brother.

Somewhere in btw that convo, I decided to take a road trip to Florida. I have lived there before & missed it. Plus, I could visit my Family.


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I am a People person, I enjoy meeting new people. Not caring about age or Culture. Everyone has a Story to tell, I enjoy listening to their stories. I decided to book a Greyhound bus to Miami, Florida. Road trips are Fun.

So, 30 hours later I arrived in Miami, Florida. I was a little sore from the bus ride. But super hungry for some banging Cuban food.


My fav shirt that I lost but got shipped back to


Miami, is Life, Life & a 6 pack of red bull. Everything looks & taste better out here. The Mojito I drank taste like it was made with Magical mint leaves. ( Do not be nodding your head. You weren’t there it was so good.)

I was here for one day, then off to Fort Lauderdale for lunch. The tri-rail transport was my new bestie. I can ride all day for $5.


These Giant gentle birds were over 5 foot tall.

Life is much more enjoyable in the South. No matter how busy you get. You do make time to smell the Roses or become one with Nature.


Breakfast @Ihop wearing #Redline620

I spend my Holidays right into the New Years. It was one of the Best Xmas, I ever had. And guess what?? I am still here. I got offered a few projects out here and I am staying..a little longer. Okay, maybe for the next 10 years. Travel & Entertainment blogging.


My favorite city is Kissimmee, Florida. I been here for 2 weeks and its growing on me.

There is a place called Old Town. The name says it all. You can find the best foods, Disney merchandise and Classic cars. I did have a sweet Strawberry Daiquiri! They have a super Hot tattoo parlor. It is a place for both young & old.



I am enjoying my long walks and the quiet, away from the City life. I am staying in a gorgeous mansion off Calla Lily Court..enjoying the Pool & Jacuzzi. But my favorite is the Lake after Sunset.


Yeah, the Socks. It gets chilly at night.





Thanks to Olga for having me as Guest Blogger.


Next week more..on my travel Adventures


High Praise for Urban Film Festival Miami 2017


The Urban Film Festival held in Miami, Florida was a complete Success. I attended the film festival with my client, Charlie Padilla, CEO of Puerto Rican Entertainment, his lovely wife, Virgen Padilla, celebrity DJ L.O.S, and recording Cuban artist ‘Dentiy El Angel ‘.


We enjoyed the much talked about multi-cultural film ‘ A Miami LOVE Story ‘.I do not want to spoil it for other Fans but you must see this film. Celebrities from all sections of the World were in attendance. My two favorites was Master P & Romeo Miller his son. The Fans were everywhere but we did manage to get a quick picture with him. He was super sweet and we shared some great conversation. So looking forward to his Season 3, Growing Up Hip-Hop at 9/8c WeTv!






Puerto Rican Entertainment enjoyed the festivities of this event and cannot wait for next year. Special thanks to Christopher for the invite and also famous actor Mecca Grimo thanks for the warm welcome Congrats on all of your film career.





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PurErb-Bulgarian Rose Skin Toner..Top Product

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