The only DIET for a BIG girl is a Mental DIET..

                                              I strongly believe that a healthy state of mind, positive thinking & self-love are strong elements that help maintain us ‘curvy’ girls. I recently lost 120 pounds. I am still very curvy at a size […]

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Guest Speaker @FIT NYC with Curvy Icon Catherine Schuller..


                                                       CATHERINE SCHULLER When I first started in this industry 12 years ago I saw her as big as the sky! I still see her the same way now […]

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Hollywood funny man, actor Terry Crews coming together with ‘ Curvaciously Yours ‘…


Terry Crews Yes!! Finally I am going to meet & work with one of my all time favorite Hollywood stars, Mr. Terry Crews. His familiar face has been brought to you by, ” Everybody hates Chris “, ” Are we there yet?? “, ” The Expendables ” & ” White Chicks “. Recently kept busy […]

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Latina superstar actress Ana De La Reguera

So excited..’ Curvaciously Yours ‘ will have the pleasure of working with the very talented & beautiful Ms. Ana De La Reguera. Many of you know her as the ‘sexy nun’ in the comedy ‘Nacho Libre’. I have been asked to interview her and I cannot wait for that exclusive most of all to share […]

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Curvaciously Yours nominated for ‘Curvy blog of the year 2013′ by Navabi…

Here it is again, the blog award every curvy girl blogger wants. This is my second year being nominated and I want it so bad I can taste it. Last year I had some huge projects and I was traveling and didn’t have the time I needed to put into it to make it a […]

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