R.N.S. Latin Urban music DUO bigger than ever..


Many of you know me and my love for Latin music especially Urban music. It comes to know surprise to see me working closely with Reggaeton sensation R.N.S. I have worked with the best of them from ‘ Don Omar’ to la Banda Gorda , Tyrese and now back to my reggaeton with R.N.S. In my opinion Reggaeton has changed and I really miss the start of it. Many of the reggaeton artists have changed to other music genres or have split up. The music I hear now is not the Reggaeton I fell in love with 10 years ago.


Let me just lay this out there for the universe to intake. R.N.S. is still making the same great music I love. Their new hit ‘ Dime como te olivido’ /Tell me how I can forget you. Is a hit! I will be hearing that song in every car this summer blasting as they cruise the streets of New Jersey.


These Jersey boys are on FIRE! I say this because I cannot work with or sell what I do not believe in. These guys are unique and have talent to place in small perfume bottles and sell by the millions.

How have I spend my New Year many of you might wonder & ponder? I have been at the studio with the guys as they prepare & kill each practice session. The concert is here on February 15th at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre , PA.

Every week in the studio, working hard these guys are here to stay and take it all. Their new album is insane, and very addictive. Their tour agenda is full and I am so excited to be a part of this history making music DUO.


Big news for our favorite local DJ, DJ L.O.S. has joined R.N.S as their house DJ and is currently touring with them. DJ L.O.S. makes his first appearance along side R.N.S. this coming February 15th. Do not miss this amazing concert.

For tickets or more information on them you can go to http://www.rubioandshorti.com





Curvaciously Yours,


Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

Curvaciously Yours..Philanthropic invite to join Non-profit organization Working Wardrobes..




Today I got a heart-warming email from this organization called, ‘ Working Wardrobes ‘. It was them congratulating this blog for getting the Top votes on the Navabi curvy blog of the year nomination. I guess this nomination went global and it has spread nationwide. The email opened my eyes to all of the ‘real’ needs of men, women & children in the world.

This organization provides many especially ‘ Plus Size Women ‘ with a second chance in life. They provide these women with corporate attire to attend those interviews or once the job has been acquired wear daily. When you attend their office/store not only can you find shoes or business attire. There are computers provided, printers, a staff that helps you create your resume. If this doesn’t sound like a dream come true to someone that is ready for that new start there are facials they provide, manicures all of those little extra perks that are needed to be taken seriously in the work place.

They have reached success & longevity and in the last 23 years they have provided career training, job placement assistance & wardrobe services to more than 65,000 individuals.

I have been invited to their next tour and I cannot wait to start helping others & provide this organization with the light and exposure it needs to help thousands more.

I start by giving all of the items that are business attire in my own closet that do not fit me anymore and may they provide someone else the great style they provided me at a larger size.

What an amazing project for me to ‘ throw myself into ‘ especially with the season of being grateful for all we have and the gift of helping others during the holiday are just priceless!

If anyone is interested in providing some of your plus size clothes please feel free to contact me mrsolgaramos@aol.com thanks.

Special thanks to the entire staff of Working Wardrobe & Alexandra Cohen…cannot wait to start working with and for your company.

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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The only DIET for a BIG girl is a Mental DIET..

                                              I strongly believe that a healthy state of mind, positive thinking & self-love are strong elements that help maintain us ‘curvy’ girls. I recently lost 120 pounds. I am still very curvy at a size […]

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Guest Speaker @FIT NYC with Curvy Icon Catherine Schuller..


                                                       CATHERINE SCHULLER When I first started in this industry 12 years ago I saw her as big as the sky! I still see her the same way now […]

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Hollywood funny man, actor Terry Crews coming together with ‘ Curvaciously Yours ‘…


Terry Crews Yes!! Finally I am going to meet & work with one of my all time favorite Hollywood stars, Mr. Terry Crews. His familiar face has been brought to you by, ” Everybody hates Chris “, ” Are we there yet?? “, ” The Expendables ” & ” White Chicks “. Recently kept busy […]

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