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olga-websized-delivery-2All Women have Insecurities…

Yes this is very true and of all sizes.  I see the coin being tossed on both sides, the plus size and the straight size. We as women need to understand and accept that we grow daily. It could be in a spiritual way, it could be our eating habits or how we maintain our mental health. I am not the same ‘Olga’ that I was two years ago nor will I be the same person, next month.

 Knowing this fact, is winning half the battle. We are going to change and we can prepare for this change or not. That is entirely all up to YOU.  I am not open to being surprised unless it is during my birthday party.
So I prepare and welcome change. I also want to be involved in this change. I do not want to just sit down and let things happen.


 I am a Plus Size Woman, so I know I need to be mindful of my eating habits and how I exercise. I had my left-knee replaced in 2007 and I am type 2 Diabetic. I make the right choices for my work outs based on my knee injury and my eating life-style based on my Diabetes. Depression goes hand in hand with Diabetics. I am blessed to say that I do not suffer from this but I might one day. So I have my ‘Positive’ journal where I write something GOOD about myself everyday and then read up on what I have written on Sunday towards the end of the week.

These lovely images were not the normal modeling photo shoot. I was invited to a Woman’s Make-Over Session by Lori Patrick. Many of her clients were thin and she and other photographers included  on this project just did not know why the plus size client was staying away. So we teamed up together and I participated just to show the curvy clients that we all deserve to treat ourselves to some beautiful pictures. The project was a huge success and it felt so good to be a part of this.


We need to support each other as Women, share our stories and grow within ourselves and amongst our girlfriends. There is no room for comparing one to each other. We are all so different and that is the real Beauty of it. I want to suggest to all of my girlfriends to take that chance and love yourself every day. Embrace that gorgeous woman in the mirror, that woman is you. Of course we are not perfect by far but we are lovely and I can tell you this a hundred times. But you will only accept this or see this when you are ready. I am hoping that will be real soon.

As for me, I do not do New Year’s Resolutions. I tried that years ago without any success. I enjoy taking this journey daily and when I make a mistake or fall off the path of Resolutions. I accept that I am only human and will make mistakes. So I get right back on my journey to wellness in every aspect of my life. This is what works for me. And yes when I look in the mirror, I do not need to ask the famous question of, ” Who is the prettiest of them all?” I can see the Beauty that I am, always have been and forever will be..Me!


For a session with the talented NYC photographer Lori Patrick

She can be contacted at 1-718-715-5791 Website




More than just a Plus Size Model

Summer in Maryland

Summer in Maryland

Recently I had a fan and now friend who went on a popular Plus Size Magazine social media page and suggested they work with me. It is not the first time this happens these questions come at me all the time. It is not my magazine so I can only respond to my Fans & Followers to reach out to the staff. My fan just wanted to see me in that media outlet.

I responded that the ‘Magazine’ is well aware of who I am in this industry and has made the choice to not celebrate me or support me. I directed the Fan to google me & if she wanted to read on me she could find me in print publications like Marie Claire and Latina to name a few.  The Editor felt some type of way and un-friended me and created drama in a place where it does not belong. In no point in time did I ever speak ill of the magazine or its staff. It is an amazing representation of the Plus Size Woman.

Anyways I wanted to say that I am more than a Plus Size Model. I have worked and help build this industry. Some people may forget, but YOU are where you are because Olga introduced you to the right people. I am very connected in all of the Entertainment world.

I do not need validation from no one. I always do for others not many can brag they did for me. I am a positive person and enjoy helping others.

I will be a part of many media outlets and projects. And I promise my Fans to keep you all updated.

I have earned my Stripes in The Plus Size Industry and if I am liked or not by others in the industry that is not something I care for. I have amazing and dear modeling friends and satisfied clients that is All that truly matters to me. I give respect to all but if you lost my respect or friendship please keep it moving. We all have a family to feed and work too hard to spend quality time on Trash.

And yes I consider myself an Aspiring Latina in all that I do. I have aspired many and will always continue to do so.

The ‘ Beauty ‘ and Mastermind we know as ‘ Evie Foster ‘

Evie Foster

The question is not who she is. The question is, what she is??!! Evie Foster is a Wonder Woman of Modern times. She is a dreamer, an excellent Mother , a concerned friend. A Fashionista in all her glory, a leading example of what a Plus Size Model looks like and a Branding Expert.  Her […]

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Curvy women the Brides of FFFWeek(tm) ‘ Curves at Sea ‘ White Yacht Party

Ready for a Curves at Sea 2015

Full-Figured Fashion Week ™ 2015 did it again!! This time the white only ‘ Curves At Sea ‘ was bigger & better than ever. It is one of the favored events that this plus size fashion week has to offer. It really is more than just a boat ride filled with lovely gorgeous women and […]

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SOHO Sample Sale

NYC biggest Soho Sample Sale is still here until next week. This is the Sale of the year. Tourist all around the world travel during this sale to get the best Designer Brands at super low prices. We invite you to come see for yourself. As for me, this is also my favorite Soho Sample […]

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